Hosting – Spam & Virus Filtering

Our SPAM Filtering platforms have been designed in-house over a number of years. Our platform has been engineered with time, accuracy and simplicity as the key critical elements. From the moment Spam filtering is enabled on your account, you can expect upwards of 98% of junk mail eradicated from your Inbox.

Spam & Virus Filtering [£30 Per Year, Per Hosting Account]

For customers who already have a Web or Email hosting platform with us you would need our normal filter. Unlike some companies who charge you per mailbox, our filter will not only scan and filter the email destined for all your mailboxes, but for all the domains mapped to that account (eg your .com, and .net domains). A 14 day free trial is available as standard.

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External Spam & Virus Filtering [£45 Per Year, Per Domain]

This has been designed for our both our dedicated server customers, and for those who simply require their email to be delivered to another mail system (eg your office Exchange server). The idea being mail can be scanned and filtered for SPAM and Viruses before delivering it to your server. If in the event your in-house / external server should fail mail it queued on our servers for upto 7 days as a pre-caution. A 14 day free trial is available to allow you to trial our service.

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